If you're a Beatles fan, there are some things that you absolutely need in your collection. Maybe there's someone in your family who's just getting into the music of the Fab Four. Here are some can't-miss items to check out:

1. Beatles U.S. CD Catalog

The best place to start is with the Beatles U.S. CD Catalog. Recently, Apple records released all the U.S. albums in a box set. 'The Beatles Story,' 'Hey Jude,' 'Yesterday and Today' and the U.S. versions of 'A Hard Day's Night' and 'Revolver' are available for the first time in this box set.

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Now you may notice that this collection is missing six VERY important albums. This is because the above albums were only available in the U.S. from 1964-1970. For 'the missing pieces' let's move on to the next item on the list.

2. Remastered Beatles CDs

Here is the entire collection of the remastered Beatles CDs as released in the U.K. This set DOES include the six missing pieces from the U.S. Box set. The albums 'Sgt. Pepper' through 'Let It Be' were released exactly the same in both the U.K. and U.S. You also get the 'Past Masters Volume One and Two,' plus a bonus disc. The mini documentaries disc combines all the five minute docs, which are individually available on each CD, if you bought them separately.

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3. The Beatles Anthology (Documentary)

This documentary aired on ABC as a three-night special event on television in November 1995. Updated interviews with the surviving Beatles (Paul, George and Ringo) along with George Martin are included, along with archived concert footage. Premiering during the original broadcast were two 'new' songs that came from demo cassette tapes of John Lennon (given to Paul from Yoko Ono). 'Real Love' and 'Free As a Bird' were produced by ELO mastermind and Beatles fan Jeff Lynn. When this DVD collection was released in 2003, an added disc of 81 minutes of special features were included.

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4. The Beatles Anthology Book

This is the companion piece to the above documentary. This coffee-table piece features over 1,200 rare photos along with interview quotes that were featured in the documentary. You will also find additional interviews that were conducted just for this book. You can still find the original hard cover version and the newer large format paperback on Amazon.

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5. A Hard Day's Write

Ironically, my favorite item is the least expensive. 'A Hard Day's Write' takes your from the first recorded Lennon-McCartney song all the way through the Anthology's 'Real Love' and 'Free As a Bird' recordings. This places you as "a fly on the wall" as some of the greatest songs in rock-and-roll history were created. The book breaks things down by album, followed by track listing order. You'll also gain a new appreciation for the songs you know so well as you learn the inspiration and writing process of each song.

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There are so many more Beatles items available for your collection, that the above list doesn't even scratch the surface, but these are some of the ones that should be on any Beatles fan's wish list.

Let us know what some of your favorite Beatles items are.