Among the single ladies competing for the heart and a proposal from the newest T.V. Bachelor, Matt James, is former Miss El Paso Jessenia Cruz.

Cruz spent a few years here when her family was stationed at Ft. Bliss. But while her show bio mentions her winning the Miss El Paso crown in 2016, it states she was born and raised in San Antonio and lists the Alamo City, not the Sun City, as her hometown.

And apparently her no longer living here is a key sticking point for some. “She’s not even from here,” and “you say she’s from El Paso but on the show she claims San Antonio” are a couple of examples of some of the comments being dropped on social media. Jessenia is apparently aware of the subtle shade being thrown her way and took to KISS Facebook to respond to the comments “that I didn’t claim El Paso.”

El Paso, the problem isn't that I didn't claim El Paso. The show decided to put the city where I currently reside, San Antonio, as my hometown. Unfortunately, we don't get to revise our bios before they go live. In reality, I feel that I've had the most growth as a person in the Sun City, especially during my year as Miss El Paso. I was raised in a military family, and I'm allowed to have connections to more than just one city, but El Paso certainly has my heart.

I get you, girl. I was born and raised and spent half of my life in the Rio Grand Valley, but the 915 will always be a part of me. Love it or hate it, once an El Pasoans always an El Paosan is what I say.

Meanwhile, on The Bachelor, Jessenia was one of the women Matt asked to accept his rose (Spoiler Alert: she said yes!) and going into Week 3 is among the ladies who still have a shot at finding everlasting reality show love. Squeal!

Jessenia is the one in the blue dress, to the right of Matt (ABC)
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