Miley Cyrus trying to be sexy for attention? Color us surprised!

The 'Adore You' singer was on hand at the opening of Britney Spears' Las Vegas residency, and she got hot and heavy with some of Brit Brit's own dancers.

Cyrus was caught on video with a bottle in hand, grinding on Spears' dancers and even making out with one of them before she took her seat in the VIP section. She grinds her groin against the first female dancer, then buries her face -- and likely that infamously coated tongue -- into the second's neck. Hot!

It looks like Cyrus was taking a page from Katy Perry's book and kissing girls for attention, because, you know, lesbianism is a great way to get attention that they each so desperately crave. (For what it's worth, Perry herself was at the show as well.)

The 'Bangerz' singer was likely on hand to support Spears because they're not just pals -- they're also duet partners on 'SMS (Bangerz)' and share a manager in Larry Rudolph. Speaking of Rudolph, anyone else suspicious that he may have planted Cyrus there and planned this whole thing? The guy's a sexpot Svengali, so it doesn't seem too far fetched to us!