Have you ever had a moment where you were thisclose to freaking out and losing your cool at a Mickey D’s over their policy of switching from breakfast to lunch and not serving you a menu item because you missed the cut-off time? I think we all have. This woman, however, actually DID freak out and caused one major scene. 


22-year-old Shanaya Edgell of Janesville, Wisconsin and her 40-year-old boyfriend went through a McDonald's drive thru because Shanaya REALLY wanted a cheeseburger. But McDonald's had already switched over to their breakfast menu and that caused Shanaya to go into Hulk rage mode. She started by punching and biting her boyfriend, then jumped out of the car and stood screaming on its hood until the po-po was called in to calm her down. Shanaya admitted she was "acting crazy" because she had her heart set on an all-beef patty, not hotcakes. She was ultimately arrested for disorderly conduct and jailed on $150 bond.

This story kind of reminds me of this scene in the movie "Falling Down" where Michael Douglas loses it in a fast food restaurant and pulls a gun because it's a few minutes after 11:30 A.M. and they won't serve him breakfast. This is why I don’t own a gun!

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