Summer has certainly changed since Mike and I were kids. Back in the dinosaur era we didn't even know what sunscreen even though on the label of most suntan products there would be an SPF of up to 8, which probably offered about as much protection as a water balloon airbag would in a car crash. I remember buying suntan oil and didn't even notice there was a number on the bottle.

Back then we used to use baby oil to intensify the sun's rays, and we would use suntan oils and lotions if we wanted to smell super sexy while we baked in the sun. I used to love Ban de Soleil because of their commercials. When I was an impressionable teen I thought they were the height of sophistication. I mean just take look at this commercial and tell me it's not sophisticated.

Wednesday morning we found out that Mike used to like Coppertone suntan products because it showed butt on the logo. Take a listen to my reaction!

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