Fans of Cardi B were shook to hear that rumors of her collaborating with the Queen of Rap, Nicki Minaj were in fact true! Migos brought the two poets together for the epic MotorSport track and the trio has blessed us with a music video! Cardi B’s delivery and video presence is causing many pop-culture fans to believe that the stripper turned reality star turned rapper is coming for Nicki’s crown. In the track Cardi calls herself the “Trap Selena” outraging a ton of Selena fans. Cardi took to twitter to respond saying that Selena is an “alter ego that anyone would want to be” and she wants the world to know just how much she loves the queen of Tejano music. See for yourself the video for MotorSport below and you be the judge but I have to mention you should observe each lyricist along with their on camera swag to decide if Cardi B is in fact coming to snatch Nicki’s edges. Enjoy!


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