The future is now! Would you like your food to be delivered to you by a robot?

That's exactly what's happening in one McDonald's in Fort Worth as McDonald's has just opened it's very first restaurant where a robot serves you- the human! Take a look below:

Now, it is important to note that this is just the testing phase, and it's only at this location for now, and a spokesperson for McDonald's said that the restaurant isn't fully automated, it still has human workers making the food- so the robots are used to deliver the food.

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Now, I think we're all almost a little used to dealing with machines. If you go into a McDonald's now, you can either order at the counter with a worker taking your order, or you can order on the touch screens at the entrance.

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This is truly an introverts dream; you don't have to deal with people, the robots take care of taking your order and delivering your food for you- while actual humans make your food! According to the Guardian, McDonald's called it:

More seamless than ever before.

Now while many think this is super futuristic and pretty cool, not everyone is a fan; mainly because this isn't what we've asked for, what we asked for was a McGriddle at 4 in the afternoon!

I am part of the "make your breakfast menu all day, McDonald's" group and until that machine can deliver a McGriddle to me at 4 in the afternoon, I'm not that impressed.

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