When life gives you a big lemon, you take a picture and post about on Instagram!

Martha Stewart, the original lifestyle influencer, grew an abnormally large lemon in her own backyard and shared a photo of the massive citrus on her Instagram page, cupping it in both hands up close to her face to show a fair size comparison.

"This is actually a lemon, a Ponderosa lemon grown on a potted tree in my backyard in Bedford New York!" Stewart captioned the Instagram photo. "This is one of the largest lemons, mildly tangy, delicious, not very juicy for its size, but fragrant and flavorful I cannot believe that my small tree produces more than two dozen of these giant citrus every year!"

The cookbook queen hasn't shared what she will be doing with the very large lemon, yet, though she has no shortage of options to choose from. She could go basic and make lemonade or sift through her official website and select from the many essential lemon recipes.

Stewart hasn't been a stranger to her 1 million Instagram followers this year. In July, her sexy pool selfie made headlines and we're happy to see she isn't shying away from continuing to post more content.

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