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A Lubbock man woke up one morning to find his driveway tagged, and we're trying to figure out what it means.

Many people in the comments have been giving suggestions as to what the markings on the curb of his driveway might mean. A lot of people are saying that it could be robbers marking the house so they can break in later. So far, the house hasn't been broken into, but it's scary regardless.

Of course, it could be gang-related in some way. As we all know, Lubbock definitely doesn't have a shortage when it comes to gang activity. One jokester said that it means he survived Phase 1 of The Purge. Now as much as I like joking around during serious moments, this answer isn't super helpful.

Maybe it's just some guys pulling a prank? It's a dumb prank, but I'm well aware that people like to graffiti all over town. Have y'all seen the mythical "BEANS" graffiti in South Lubbock? That's some of my favorite work.


Now it could just be an electric or maintenance company marking where they're going to do work, but that's no fun.

The owner of the home called police as any sensible person would, and apparently they've never seen a tag like this one. This just adds to the curiosity.

Whether or not this is related to gangs or robberies, I think it's important for everyone to be alert to this kind of stuff and report it to police any time you see things like this. We've got enough crime around here as it is.

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