It was the sentence heard 'round the world -- or at least the internet. On February 14, a video appeared on YouTube, seeming to depict One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson labeling himself as gay.

The short clip begins with someone off-camera calling "Hey, Louis!" to the Brit. Although the image isn't completely clear, the camera is pointing to a group of people and a voice that sounds very similar to Louis' can be heard. Again, the audio isn't 100 percent clear, but it sounds as if the voice says "I'm gay, it's unfortunate."

Naturally, One Direction fans bombarded Twitter with messages, trending #LouisWeLoveYouNoMatterWhat and #ImGayItsPrettyUnfortunate. It seems that no matter what the situation, the Directioners have the singer's back.

Of course, it's also worth nothing that Louis has long been in a relationship with Eleanor Calder. The two were even spotted together hitting the beach on Friday, leading us to believe that whatever was (or was not) said in the video clip isn't what some people are saying.

Louis, for his part, hasn't publicly addressed the rumors. However, he has been present on Twitter, posting a message about his profile photo and retweeting one of Zayn Malik's photos. We assume he's pretty busy at the moment. After all, One Direction have been busy kicking off their On the Road Again tour.

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