This local El Pasoan will have you reaching for the tissue for a good deed she has done. It's not often nowadays you see people giving so selflessly especially coming from someone so young. I witnessed a good deed today that I wanted to share with everyone about a young girl named Mya.

Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez

I was at a local hair salon when I saw a little girls mother paying for her haircut today. I didn't mean to be nosey, but couldn't help how warmhearted Mya was. A gentleman who was paying at the register, was asking Myas mom a few questions. Basically Mya didn't know about another child she saw that was bald had cancer. Her mom explained the child did not have hair because the child had cancer. After Mya was told that, she stated she wanted to give up her own hair to give to that child. Mya had to wait a while for her hair to get long enough to donate. The most touching part is that it was her very first haircut in her life all for charity. This haircut was not forced by her parents but by her choice to help out Locks of Love.

Hopefully this little girl Mya has inspired you to go out and give back to the community! Mya I don't have enough thumbs to give you but you get two thumbs up and you are a firework to me!

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