Janelle Monae is putting her own unique spin on the David Bowie classic, 'Heroes,' with a new rendition as part of Pepsi's 2014 "Now Is What You Make It" campaign.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Monae revealed that she wasn't at all nervous about tackling the song or its iconic singer. "Bowie knows what’s up," she says. "He’s a fan and I'm a fan of him. The respect is mutual. I hear from his wife Iman that he’s a huge supporter of me, the way I dress and my music. I just hope that we made him proud."

'Heroes’ is one of my favorite Bowie songs," Monae adds. "When you love your favorite song, you want to keep some of the beautiful qualities of the original, but we brought Atlanta in the drums and wanted them to be thick and hit hard. It’s like us reimagining it. I thought, ‘If this song was in my dream, how would it get from our dream to my reality?’"

The song will be part of Pepsi's campaign during the 2014 FIFA World Cup taking place in Brazil. The music video will feature Monae along with international global football stars. (To be clear, that's soccer for people in the United States.)

Listen to Monae's rendition below and let us know what you think.