For most people, losing a multimillion-dollar lawsuit would be fairly catastrophic -- but then, most people aren't Lil Wayne.

Wayne's fruitless legal crusade against producer Quincy Jones III, who Wayne alleges used unlicensed music from his 2008 album 'Tha Carter III' in a documentary about...Lil Wayne, has seemingly reached the end of the road. Unfortunately for Wayne, the judge didn't see things his way, and has ordered the diminutive rapper to pay Jones more than $3 million in lost profits that the filmmaker may have earned had the movie not been blocked from release.

TMZ reports that Jones had the judgment moved to Florida, where Wayne holds a concentration of assets that includes an $11 million mansion and at least one sweet sports car -- but according to the paparazzi network's "Wayne sources," that doesn't mean he's going to have to sell off any of that fancy stuff to pay off the lawsuit.

In fact, according to TMZ, Wayne has as much as $100 million in liquid assets, which leaves Jones' winnings -- while certainly still impressive to those of us without Bugattis in the garages of our mansions -- a relatively paltry sum to part with.

It's a fittingly bizarre end to a crazy trial, including moments such as the deposition that found Wayne issuing a veiled threat to Jones' lawyer. Something tells us Wayne's going to take his sweet time handing over that money, but in the meantime, at least Jones can console himself with his victory.

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