You have less than 24 hrs to enter for a chance to win tickets to the Addams Family Musical at the Plaza Theater.

Here is a show that all families will surely love. They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky - c'mon, you know that tune! A dream cast takes on the quirky characters in a new and original Addams Family tale.

Plot: As the musical begins, there are storm clouds gathering over the Addams Family home. Wednesday is falling in love, young Pugsley, jealous of his sister's attention, begs her to keep torturing him severely, while mother Morticia fears being upstaged and discarded by her daughter's lurch into womanhood... like yesterday's roadkill.

But when outsiders come to dinner, the events of one night will change forever this famously macabre family - a family so very different from your own - or maybe not.

Opening night: 24 May 2013
Booking through until: 25 May 2013

Two hours and 35 minutes, which includes a 15-minute intermission