MMA fighter Joe Torrez of Las Cruces is making national news. 


Patty Campos - Facebook

In the early morning hours of New Years Day, Joe Torrez, along with his fiance, toddler son and three female family friends, were surprised by four intruders in their Las Cruces home.

The intruders, Sal Garces, 25, Raymond Garces, 19, Nathan Avalos, 20 and Leonard Calvillo, 22, allegedly threatened to kill Joe and his two year old son. Joe fought back against the intruders, killing one and inflicting serious facial injuries to another. Criminal charges including Aggravated Burglary, Aggravated Battery, and Conspiracy have been filed against two of the surviving intruders and charges are expected to be filed against the third surviving intruder when he is released from the hospital. Torrez suffered minor injuries. According to police, the altercation was part on an ongoing feud from earlier that day.

Torrez has not been charged but by the looks of his pages and Facebook posts is preparing for legal defense. Torrez has gained much support from his community with a Facebook page in his honor and many are interested to see the outcome.