Something AMAZING is happening in Hobbs, New Mexico. According to The Washington Post, a statue of the Virgin Mary is crying. Not just crying, weeping. Oh, but not just weeping tears. The statue is weeping olive oil. I know it is hard to believe.

That is why almost every Catholic is making the trip to see the statue and debunk this mystery. Starting back on May 20th, the statue has cried on and off. Church officials noticed the tears but didn't think anyone would believe them about the statue. Now, everyone is trying to figure out where the tears are coming from. Investigators have even reached out to the statue's manufacturer in Mexico, to try to see if maybe it is some weird material they used. Of course, the statue is made of bronze and is hallow, so that dismisses that idea.

Vice Chancellor of the Catholic Diocese of Las Cruces, Deacon Jim Winder told The Washington Post that about 500 milliliters of the liquid has reportedly leaked from the eyes of the statue; so far. Investigators examined that liquid and found it to have the same "chemical fingerprint as olive oil." Crazy! Well what is going on with the world, my mom likes to freak me out and say that this is happening because something scary is going to happen.

By scary she means life-changing. Something like war or a major event happening to the world. Again, some would argue this world is changing drastically, politically so of course, it makes sense. With people easily shouting "Fake News" for everything, it is incredibly important that this investigation continues to examine how this is happening. Until then, The Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Hobbs hopes this event will bring people closer to their faith.

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