Whether you support Bruce Jenner transitioning or not, you have to admit, some media outlets have gone to great lengths to get a story out of it. Case in point, KTSM Newschannel 9's contrived controversy regarding Bruce Jenner Lane in East El Paso.

The news station gave the impression residents who live on the street are debating whether the road should "undergo a change too." Perhaps to Caitlyn Jenner Lane.

Yes, they seriously suggested that.

According to KTSM's report, "some residents of Bruce Jenner Lane said the name causes problems from time to time." What kind of problems; vandalism? Mass protests? Oh no, something much, much worse.

"When we're going out of town," says one resident they interview, "they ask for addresses and phones numbers and I put our address and they say are you sure you're not just making up a street?" Oh, the humanity!

Come on Newschannel 9, that kind of phoney reporting is something you'd expect to see on The Onion -- or hear a couple of tongue-in-cheek, wacky radio DJ's ponder.