Forget all the hype, the paparazzi, the loss of privacy and the subsequent cheating scandal that surrounded 'Twilight' stars and former real-life couple Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. A new lawsuit regarding the famed film franchise that made them superstars reveals details about some of the handsome cash that they each pocketed for their participation.

TMZ reports that there is an ugly lawsuit pertaining to who will pay out the 'Twilight' bonuses. They got their mitts on the legal paperwork related to the case and spilled the financials.

R. Pattz supposedly collected $300,000 as a bonus for the first film. That is chump change when you consider that the film raked in $351 million in receipts worldwide; the sum was also said to be based on how much the film made. Even so, that's a paltry amount that could make the sparkly bloodsucker Edward Cullen cry sanguine tears.

When it came time to star in the sequel 'New Moon,' it appears that he and K. Stew (and their agents, of course) bargained for more money. The lawsuit said producers had paid them $2.5 million for the first film, and that Pattinson earned $25 million for the two 'Breaking Dawn' films and a cut of the back-end.


That's a lot of scratch. All for playing a vampire and the woman he loved! However, can you put a price on all the post-'Twilight' cheating scandal heartbreak that was a result of Pattinson dating his wayward co-star? That's a question only he can answer!

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