On Wednesday night Kobe Bryant played his final NBA game and not only awed everyone by racking up 60 points but also impressed many during his last press conference by flexing his Spanish language skills.

It's no secret that Kobe Bryant has some speaking skills. During his last press conference Kobe is asked what he would like to do to relax after his retirement to which Kobe says he would like to go to the beach and relax. The reporter then asks him how many times he’s tried to convince Russell Westbrook to go play for the Lakers and he jokingly responds by saying that he doesn’t speak Spanish.

To those who don’t know, Kobe Bryant speaks both Spanish and Italian fluently. Say what? Yes, Kobe Bryant is multi-lingual.

Bryant was born in Philly but his family soon moved to Italy at the age of six when his father left the NBA to play professional basketball abroad. Growing up at such a young age, Kobe quickly learned the customs and learned to speak Italian fluently and soon after Spanish as well. By the age of 13, Kobe returned back to the states and worked hard toward his basketball career entering the NBA directly out of high school and winning five NBA championships with the Los Angeles Lakers until his retirement last night on Wednesday, April 13, 2016.