Long gone are the days of mixtapes and love notes. Kids these days have technology where they can send songs or texts to show love but are going back to physical tokens of appreciation. According to ABC News, a mother in North Carolina took to social media to spread her own PSA about why some children might be missing scrunchies.

Emily Covington points out in her Facebook post that she has been finding scrunchies in her dryer and all around her home. She found out that these scrunchies were coming from her son, who received them from girls at school who thought he was cute.

No way I would give a dude my scrunchie in middle school. I remember boys smelling all the time. They kind of still do. Either way, middle school girls these days do not appreciate the power of a scrunchie to help tie your hair up so they are using them as tokens of young love.

You might want to check on your middle schooler if you notice they are either missing or starting a collection of scrunchies.

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