Khalid’s sister impressed us with her Rubik’s Cube skills by solving the puzzle in under one minute.

A couple of weeks ago at the debut of The Great Khalid Foundation’s offices and check presentation to the El Paso Community Foundation, we found out how talented Khalid’s sister is working a Rubik’s Cube.

Regina Wolfe, Khalid’s baby sister was at the event chatting it up with everyone as her mom Linda Wolfe and Executive Director of the foundation made sure all their invited guests were comfortable. Once the night was coming to an end and a few folks lingered in conversation and our attention turned to Regina who happened to have a Rubik’s Cube on hand and was encouraged to show off her skills at solving the cube for everyone to see. After a few nudges and encouragement the shy teen agreed to show us just how fast she was able to solve the Rubik’s Cube puzzle and boy were we blown away. Check out the video for yourself to see a smiling Regina solve the cube in under one minute.

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