“Call this number and check the link in my bio for a surprise.”

That’s the caption of a recent social media post from El Paso pop superstar Khalid. The message is accompanied by a photo of a to-do list that includes an El Paso-area phone number you are requested to “call/text.”

I’m pretty sure he’s not trying to sell you an extended car warranty, but beyond that it’s a mystery to me too.

If you do hit up the link in his bio you’ll be taken to the website everythingischanging.org where you are given the option to “Pre-Save” or “Find out if you’re qualified.” If you “pre-save” you’re asked to log into a music streaming service and you also give them permission to “receive news from Khalid and Sony Music.”

If you click on “find out if you’re qualified” you’re asked a series of questions that include “Will you be available Fall 2021,” Are you afraid of heights?” and “Would you be willing to fly to space?”

No, I don’t think you’re signing up to train for some kind of outer space adventure, but be warned; if you “submit your email” you’re agreeing “to receive news from Khalid and Sony Music.”

And if you text the phone number provided? This is the message you get back:


So, either way, the "surprise" is opting in to some kind of newsletter or something if you don't heed the fine print.

If I had to guess, I’d say it’s a marketing campaign to pre-promote a new album Khalid will be dropping this fall. Fingers crossed because new Khalid jams are long overdue. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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