In a world filled with gloom, it is nice to run across something to easily make you smile.

Photos of cute animals will surely make you smile but photos of Khalid's dogs will make you squeal with excitement.

I had no idea Khalid's pets had Instagram accounts and I know die-hard Khalid fans will laugh at me for not knowing this.

What I do know about Khalid is that he is an amazing role model for why it is important to adopt rescue dogs. His adorable pitbull Mason and Maui are rescues and probably some of the cutest dogs you have seen.

Meet Mason.

He is kind to other animals and loves to take naps.

He is going to school!

He swims!

He cuddles a cactus!

Meet Maui! He enjoys naps TOO!

He is fast:

He giving Khalid all the kisses!

Even the amazing Linda Wolfe shared a photo of the adorable pups during a training lesson!

As Khalid continues to stay safe during the pandemic, we can only hope he will create more adorable content featuring his adorable pups. Seriously, give them their own YouTube channel as they go through dog school.

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