TikTok has been a controversial app, due to a President attacking it, about a year ago. Now that we are over that, we are back to watching dance moves, recipes, weird things, and celebrities engage with fans.

While you can find tons of celebrities on the app already, like Halsey, Lizzo, Cardi B and so many more, you should be following our hometown boy, Khalid.

I just scrolled upon one of his three TikTok videos and he blew me away.


I’m gonna get used to this, I swear!

♬ original sound - Khalid

This was posted back on March 11th as his first TikTok. Just like us normal folk, Khalid didn't know what to do! I love these normal people moments.

Of course, now that he and his friends know how to use it, they are making amazing videos.


Hit my Dougie ##tiktok ##dancer

♬ Teach Me How To Dougie - Classics Reborn

Khalid and his crew are showing off their dance moves, cars, and clothes and it reminds me just how big of a celebrity he is. Forget that normal moment, let's talk about those fancy cars!


Rollin 🏎 💨 ##CarTikTok

♬ Rollin - Calvin Harris

While our world continues to figure out concerts and the entertainment world, we can safely enjoy our favorite celebrities through social media. I miss concerts so much.

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Working in radio, I enjoy promoting these events and embarrassing myself when I actually get to meet a celebrity.

It has been since November since I embarrassed myself and I really need to tell one of my favorite celebrities how much I love them in person. Please concerts, come back soon.

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