The Great Khalid is known to make some big moves with his music and side projects, such as clothing collaborations or a one-night-only movie. Yesterday, Khalid decided to make a big decision and dye his hair. There is a stereotype about people who make quick, drastic changes about their hair. It usually involved a break-up. I am guilty of doing this, so I must ask Khalid, are you okay? I am here to talk.

If this was just a change to continue to be a trendsetter, I love it. I absolutely adore the color on him and really miss when my hair was blue. It has been about three years and I totally want it back. They may say blondes have more fun but I think blues bring the party. No one wants to mess with someone with blue hair. The only insult that can come from this is being called a smurf but we are past that.

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The internet already brought out the insults before Khalid even had a chance to prep his hair for the color. On his Instagram, Khalid was taking his followers through the bleaching process as he transformed into a blue-headed celebrity. Maybe Billie Eilish should go back to blue so they can be twinsies. Either way, the internet tried to convince Khalid to not do it and some fell in love with him all over again.

Great, now I want to dye my hair blue. Again. Thanks, Khalid.

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