A post by the El Paso Times on its social media platforms regarding Khalid not winning a Grammy had many El Pasoans – and Khalid himself – feeling like the paper had thrown some shade his way.

The headline, “Khalid loses, leaves first Grammy’s empty-handed” was accompanied by the caption, “El Paso singer Khalid didn't take home any hardware from the 2018 Grammy's”.

Khalid apparently felt slighted and clapped back, tweeting “and I’m completely fine with that fact that my dream of being at the Grammys came true. lol THANK YOU EL PASO TIMES.”

To be fair, the article itself wasn’t derogatory in any way. It simply stated the names of the winners in the categories Khalid was nominated in.

But to the many who only read captions and headlines and don’t click on the story link, it was perceived as the paper putting him on blast and they let their unhappiness and disappointment with the Times be known.

'Nice wording EP times.. this is heartless. Change the wording. Dude promotes El Paso on his sleeve, don’t diss him like this.'

'Really el paso times... Who the heck comes up with your alls titles HORRIBLE.'

'This kid reps el paso so hard, el paso times is regrettably inaccurate at its depiction of him. No class.'

'How is it that anyone who is nominated for a Grammy loses? He may not have “hardware” in his hands...but Khalid doesn’t need the hardware to be a winner in our eyes!'

The headline to the linked article has since been altered slightly and now reads, "Khalid leaves first Grammy's empty-handed, debuts commercial".

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