As the legal war wages on between Kesha and Dr. Luke for well over a year now, the "We R Who We R" singer's mother, Pebe Sebert — who has been an outspoken advocate of her daughter throughout the ordeal — used Twitter today to rant about Sony's alleged involvement with "the rapist," making allegations regarding his intentions for her pop star daughter.

"Kesha can't legally put music out unless she makes it under complete control of a man who raped her at 18," she wrote earlier today before launching into a string of frustrated tweets.

"This man warned , if she did not do what she was told ,he would tie her up in litigations until she was 'too old ' to make a record . I was there. I heard him say this to her, after he told her she was nothing without him! Sony supports the rapist. The rapist is doing exactly what he warned he would do. And that is the reason Kesha can not give her sweet ANIMALS new music. If someone signs a contract to become someone's slave, is slavery then legal? Maybe it time we STOP SUPPORTING COMPANIES, whose only moral compass is $$$? We can change the world by not buying the products sold by unethical companies. Then they change, or go out of business."

As of last week, Kesha and her legal team were reportedly in the process of seeking an injunction in order to allow her to record music without Dr. Luke.

Kesha first filed a lawsuit against Dr. Luke in October of 2014, claiming that he had sexually, emotionally and verbally assaulted her over the past 10 years. Dr. Luke responded with a defamation counter-lawsuit immediately after, including her mother Pebe Sebert in the filing. Later on, Kesha extended the lawsuit to include Sony Records, claiming that they knowingly "forced an abusive relationship" between herself and Dr. Luke.

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