We know, we know. The title alone has you going "WTF!?"

But any true Kesha warrior knows that the singer has a tooth fetish and that she has made use of real teeth in her clothes and jewelry. So it's not shocking that she had a pal take to social media to ask her warriors to send actual chompers to the singer while she is in rehab seeking treatment for a variety of issues. That's an intimate way to connect with fans, right?

Not so fast. The powers-that-be quickly squashed that request, so says TMZ.

Apparently, Kesha wanted some fangs so she could work on arts and crafts projects to pass the time. A rep for the facility where Kesha is being treated said that they will not allow her access to real pearly whites because they "can't accept human remains" due to "a risk that it could be of bio-hazardous material so we are not able to bring in anything that's real." So don't waste your time, people.

Fake teeth are okay, so if fans have access to dentures or bridges, well, send 'em in! And no, we don't recommend grabbing 'em off Grandpa's nightstand, either.

And we surely hope that warriors weren't planning on taking pliers to their mouths to remove a tusk for Kesha. That’s almost as bad as that whole #CutforBieber stunt a while back.

Here's more proof of Kesha's tooth obsession.

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