Bad news for Katy Perry. The ‘Part Of Me’ starlet may be in legal trouble for indecency in India following a fairly harmless concert at a cricket match. What happened?

Perry is in hot water for something pretty innocent: She asked a cricket player to show her the game, and some random lawyer in the audience with his head in a gutter flipped out over it.

The Sun reports that Perry invited cricket player Doug Bollinger onstage to demonstrate a cricket swing in April at the opening of the Indian Premier League. When Bollinger came onstage and put his arms around Perry to show her how to swing, she naturally hammed it up as she usually does, but there was really nothing scandalous about any of it. However, a lawyer claiming to file on behalf of the general public says that Perry and Bollinger’s actions were “obscene and lascivious” and “distracted students who were writing exams at the time.”

We don’t think the case, which goes to court July 31, should phase Perry much, as neither she nor Bollinger are scheduled to appear.

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