Fans are SHOOK to hear new sounds from Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton’s lovechild (this is a joke and not an actual fact). The Grammy Award winning Country Music songstress, Kacey Musgraves has been teasing us with new music via her social media accounts and giving us new music sporadically to build excitement for her upcoming album Golden Hour due March 31. Today, Kacey dropped “High Horse” to the delight of fans across the globe. I literally starting smiling the biggest smile I can possibly wear only 8 bars into the tune which makes me feel like Thomas Rhett, Kylie Minogue and Nile Rodgers had a baby (also, not factual). Musgraves’ approach at Country Music has had an interesting reception amongst a few traditional Country Music fans in that her approach is considered progressive. I suppose the political climate celebrates Kacey's willingness to be outspoken about Gay Rights, Marijuana and Feminine Equality. High Horse delivers what I consider to be a pop-country crossover masterpiece. Musgrave’s sounds comfortable, relaxed, excited and home. The classic Kacey lyrical storytelling and accompanying steel guitar exude quintessential Musgraves goodness. There is nothing more delicious than hearing an artist actually having fun and for that, we bow to this queen sharing her fun with us! Check out High Horse below.

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