Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson share the screen to show off some dance moves in the new music video for their anticipated duet, ‘Love Never Felt So Good,’ the lead single off of Michael’s posthumous album ‘Xscape.’

The song has MJ written all over it, a mix of pop, funk, and disco that is iconic to the late singer’s sound. (Which makes sense — the song started off as an old Michael demo that was reworked for the new album.) With JT’s own soulful sound dropped in, it’s like a time machine to the ‘Thriller’ star’s prime era.

The video captures both the song’s throwback and contemporary qualities. Shots of Justin dancing solo and with crowds of other dancers are mashed up with clips of Michael performances and scenes from his own music videos, including his famed videos for ‘Billy Jean,’ ‘Smooth Criminal,’ ‘Bad,’ and ‘Beat It.’

There is a noticeable juxtaposition between the hi-res footage of Justin and his team dancing in front of a white backdrop, subway station and projected screens, and the comparatively fuzzy quality of Michael’s videos being played in the background. It’s another well-done reminder that the video is mixing old with new.

Check out all the sweet dance moves in the vid up above!

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