Smith County Judge Randall Rogers told the couple to marry in 30 days or else.

KLTV reported on this bizarre story where Josten Bundy was in court facing charges after getting into an altercation with his 19-year-old girlfriend's ex-boyfriend.

Bundy got in a fight with girlfriend  Elizabeth Jaynes' ex-boyfriend after he said some disrespectful things to her. The report says he punched the man twice, and pressed charged even though he required no medical attention.

Then things got really weird. According to court transcripts, Smith County Judge Randall Rogers asked Bundy: "Is she worth it?" Judge Rogers then offered Bundy 15 days in jail, or probation under the stipulation that the couple was married within 30 days.

Bundy was worried about losing his job and the couple had planned to marry some day, so they took the probation offer, applied for a marriage license and scheduled a date to get married. They tied the knot, but it was definitely not how the couple had imagined.

Now, the couple is speaking out, as is the father of the bride who is very upset. They have spoken with attorneys who say that what Judge Rogers did was not legal and believe it would be struck down in a higher court.

The couple is saving money to have a larger ceremony down the road. The judge has so far declined to comment to the media.


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