We know Texas is enjoyed in the States (and sometimes around the world too). When you ask Texans what's their favorite restaurant, many people would say "Texas Roadhouse" "Rudy's", "Whataburger" (but there's many to choose from). It's a staple of Texas history. It's expanded into many states around the United States but has it reached OUTSIDE of the America? That's what Reddit was asking when they spotted what looked like a Whataburger in Mexico.

The Whataburger at the Corner of 34th and Coulter in Amarillo, Texas
Michael J. Rivera, Townsquare Media

Is there a Whataburger in Mexico?

One Reddit there was a user named u/Mountainmtz12 who made a post asking if anyone had a photo of a Whataburger he spotted in Juarez. A user would later post an image with what looked like...well a Whataburger. Thankfully a quick Google Maps search would find the location from Reddit. This is what they were talking about.

Google Maps
Google Maps

It certainly LOOKS like a Whataburger but it turns out... it's not a Whataburger.

It's actually called a Weroburger. Which looks EXACTLY LIKE a Whataburger. Their sign even closely resembles what a Whataburger sign would LOOK like. In fact Weroburger got its first big notice online on Twitter. You can see the tweet from Brian Hernandez from 2016.

Juarez isn't the only place with a Weroburger

If you search them online, you can find they have at least one more locations around Mexico in Reynosa & they're still open. It's pretty crazy to think that there exists a "Whataburger" in Mexico. They claim it's their take on Whataburger, but of course they take some liberty & add their own spin on the menu so that they remain different. So next time you go across the border & you see the giant orange W... now you know exactly what it is.

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