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Jonah Hill Holds a World Swearing Record

Jonah Hill just achieved a major movie milestone: He is now the actor who has delivered the most swear words on film. His 2013 movie, Wolf of Wall Street, helped him surpass previous record holder Samuel L. Jackson. Jonah has dropped 376 curse words across his filmography, while Samuel has spoken 301 curse words. (via Just Jared)

How Impulse Shopping Is Helping Americans Endure Quarantine

Impulse shopping is at an all time high. A new survey commissioned by Slickdeals found that in January 2020, the average American spent $155.03 per month on impulse shopping. By the end of April, though, that average had increased by 18%. The reason for an increase in spontaneous purchasing? It apparently relieves stress and creates a sense of normalcy. (via Study Finds)

Jay Manuel Says He Was Afraid to 'Speak Up' on America's Next Top Model

Tyra Banks has been making headlines recently ever since old videos of her questionable behavior on America's Next Top Model resurfaced. Now, her former co-worker Jay Manuel is speaking out about all the things that made him comfortable while working on the show. It turns out, he didn't agree with a lot of the choices that Tyra made on the show but was afraid to say anything. Tyra has since apologized on Twitter. (via Cosmo)

TikTok Prankster Terrorizes Essential Workers on NYC Subway Train

A TikTok video is going viral for all the wrong reasons. TikTok star @fckjoshy decided to get on a NYC subway and "accidentally" spill a huge box of cereal and milk all over the floor. People are outraged that he would pull this kind of prank on over-stressed essential workers, who had to clean up the mess. See the vile video below:

Mattel Unveils #ThankYouHeroes Barbie Program

Mattel just unveiled a new Barbie program called #ThankYouHeroes that will benefit the children of first responders. As part of the initiative, for every doll sold between May 14 to 17, Matel will donate a doll to the First Responders Children’s Foundation. The non-profit was created in 2002 to support children who have lost a parent in the line of duty. (via People)

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