A hilarious comedian you enjoy seeing when he visits El Paso, Texas took a vacation where we enjoy visiting with our family. The American stand-up comic Jo Koy recently took a vacation with his family that we're familiar with. Jo Koy could have taken his family anywhere and he picked the great old White Sands National Park.

Some people still don't feel comfortable visiting popular places that can be crowded. But there are places that can handle quite a large crowd and still manage to social distance. White Sands National Park is the best getaway you can enjoy with your family.

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Besides the amount of fun you have out there, there is plenty of space for all to enjoy. The last time my family and I visited White Sands National Park there was a line of cars that showed up. It seemed as if it was a packed house when my family and I went, but there is definitely enough room.

Jo Koy definitely had a great time when he took his family to visit White Sands National Park. He shared his family vacation photo on his social media that had a lot of reactions. There were lots of people mentioning El Paso in the comment section of his photo.

White sand, no water, cool pics. #familyvacation

Posted by Jo Koy on Friday, April 9, 2021

But he sure did capture a beautiful Kodak moment of his family vacation at White Sands National Park. Jo Koy and his family enjoyed their time in the wide-open space filled with white sand. Jo Koy's family picture sure has helped put Alamogordo on the map.

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