Jessie J has opened up about a serious health scare she had as a teenager. While speaking at the Delete Bone Cancer Gala in New York City last night (May 8), the 'Price Tag' singer revealed that she had survived a stroke several years ago. 

The British songstress revealed that when she was 18 she "had just had a minor stroke," she told the audience at the benefit (via PEOPLE.) "I thought that I was never going to get better."

Jessie J, 26, has heart problems that have effected her since she was a kid. According to PEOPLE, she was diagnosed with an illness called Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome, which can cause individuals to have an irregular heartbeat.

"I feel so lucky that I was given a second chance at life [after the stroke]," she said. "So every day when I am able to do this, you have no idea how amazing it feels that I'm so lucky to be onstage and singing and living my dream."

When Jessie J sang her hit 'Price Tag' at the gala -- "It's not about the money, money, money…" she sings on the chorus -- she joked that "tonight it is about the money," and indeed it was. The event raised more than $4 million for the organization, and the money will go to registering bone marrow donors. In addition to 'Price Tag,' she also sang her tune 'Who You Are,' and dedicated it to anyone who lost a loved one from cancer.

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