El Paso was going crazy when the crew from Jersey Shore showed up in a private plane yesterday afternoon. There were social media posts about them coming into town complete with an MTV camera crew and looking totally in character. Mike Sorrentino, La Snooki, Deena Cortese, and Vincent Guadagnino, all the crew is here so why are they in the Sun City? Is it because we have superior Gym, Tan, Laundry services? Were they a couple of days late for Taco Tuesday? Did they want to catch one of El Paso's famous sunsets? It could have been any one of those things but actually, they are here to support one of their own.

Believe it or not, the Jersey Shore crew all get paid for things other than their time on MTV. DJ Pauly D is a renowned club DJ and he is in El Paso for a gig. Pauly D is going to be spinning at 11:11 club off Dyer this weekend. On Thursday night the crew was at Ricky D's a club on Pebble Hills and it's not exactly the kind of place you would expect the Jersey Shore gang to be. Ricky D's is a country night club but they looked like they were having a lot of fun learning how to dance.

Why would they go to a country nightclub? You know why. El Paso is always described as a dusty west Texas town so you know they got a lot of video of our desert and tumbleweeds to pair with the crew country dancing. Someone needs to give the Jersey Shore crew the heads up that we aren't like the rest of Texas and get them to L&J fast. Here's the gang at Ricky D's.

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