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Depending on which interview you believe, it was either a spur-of-the-moment decision, or she was the victim of a follicle mishap. In a recent interview with Elle Magazine, Jen said the new ‘do was the end result of hair treatment gone bad. (Something called a Brazilian blowdry, which uses a combination of formaldehyde and keratin to keep hair straight for up to three months).

Days earlier, though, she told Vogue she was flipping through the channels, saw a photo of stylist Lawren Howell, loved her look, and had her stylist give her that type of cut. Word is she’s loving the look and has no regrets.

In other celebrity hair news ... JADA PINKETT SMITH made people’s heads turn herself with her latest look – a funky ‘side-shave’ hairdo. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

HAS WILL SMITH BEEN CAUGHT CHEATING?!: "Star" magazine claims to have photos of WILL SMITH getting cozy in a photobooth with his 23-year-old "Focus" costar MARGOT ROBBIE. The tab reports they took the “sexy photos” after shooting for their movie wrapped on October 25.


According to Star, “Will appears shirtless and Margo lifts her shirt up to reveal her lingerie” in one of the photos. London’s Daily Mail adds that Smith presses “his bare chest against her back” as she looks up at him and “suggestively pouts her lips.” In another photo, Will “pulls her towards him from behind, their face pressed close together side-by-side.” An “eyewitness” tells Star, “He wasn’t acting like a married man; he gave no signs that he was in a committed relationship.”

DENISE RICHARDS SAYS CHARLIE SHEEN'S TWINS ARE VIOLENT, BLAMES BROOKE MUELLER: CHARLIE SHEEN'S first ex, DENISE RICHARDS, has been caring for his and BROOKE MUELLER'S four-year-old twins Bob and Max while Brooke straightens out her drug issues. But Denise says the kids are completely out of control and it's all Brooke's fault.

It's gotten so bad that she's told the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services she won't take care of them anymore. She claims they go into a “zombie-like state” and repeatedly kick and squeeze her dogs, telling her they want to kill them.

Her daughters, Sam, Lola and Eloise, have also allegedly been the subject of the boys’ violence. Denise says they've strangled, kicked, scratched, slapped and punched the girls in the face and head, and she insists the twins’ conduct is a result of the time they spent in Brooke’s home. Richards adds that they have horrible nightmares when they return from a visit.

Doctors have told her the kids need psychological counseling but Denise maintains that Brooke has blocked all her efforts to get them help. Along with all this information, authorities were also given pictures of Charlie's son Bob with an injury he allegedly suffered while in Brooke's care. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

Meanwhile ... Brooke wants Charlie to shut up. Brooke’s lawyers have subpoenaed video and audio of the interview Charlie gave TMZ last week in which he called Mueller a “whore” and claimed their twin sons are afraid of staying at her place. They plan to go to court to try and get Charlie jailed for violating a gag order.

TOM CRUISE SUES TO PROVE HE'S A GOOD DADDY: TOM CRUISE is a good father. So says Tom Cruise. The actor is suing Life & Style and In Touch magazines for claiming he "abandoned" his daughter Suri after divorcing KATIE HOLMES last year.

In recently filed court papers, Tom defends his fathering skills. "I have in no way cut Suri out of my life, whether physically, emotionally, financially or otherwise," he writes. He insists he sees Suri as often as possible, explaining that "even during the times when I was working overseas and was not able to see Suri in person, we were (and continue to be) extremely close."

He adds that he is a "constant presence in Suri's life" and that, "while I'm sure my daughter misses me when I am not with her (as I miss her), she is a very happy child, and we have a wonderful relationship and cheerful phone calls." Tom is suing the magazines for $50 million.

COULD BE TRUE, COULD BE CRAP - MILEY WRITES LIAM: According to the not-always-reliable British tabloid The Sun, MILEY CYRUS wrote former fiancé LIAM HEMSWORTH a letter describing her heartbreak after calling off their engagement.

A source tells the newspaper, “Miley has really started to deal with the pain of the split” and she “decided why not write a letter to Liam to tell him exactly how she feels. Miley admitted to Liam she has pushed him away and said sorry for acting so mad.” The source goes on to say Miley “still loves Liam deeply and has asked him to meet up.” Concludes the insider, “It could be for closure or it could be to start again, but she wants to see him and talk things through.”

On a related note ... Miley got some new ink -- a portrait of her maternal grandmother's face on her arm. Here's the photo of it she posted on Instagram ...

Miley hit up Twitter with a couple of other pics, including this one of KAT VON D working on the tatt, and another of herself with her beloved grandmother. (PHOTO)


LAMAR ODOM NOT IN TROUBLE WITH THE LAW, STILL IN TROUBLE WITH THE WIFE: LAMAR ODOM has gotten out of trouble with the law, but not with his wife.The baller has escaped prosecution over his freak-out on a paparazzo in July, according to TMZ. In a deal worked out Tuesday, he'll sign up for an anger-management course and pay to repair the damage to the photographers equipment.

But on the marriage front, he hasn't gotten a pass. People magazine says that, despite reports, Lamar and KHLOE KARDASHIAN have not "patched things up." Though the two recently attended a KANYE WEST concert together, and neither Lamar nor Khloe have filed for divorce, a source tells the tab, "There are no talks about reconciliation. Khloe is very frustrated when it comes to Lamar. The fact that he doesn't seem to care to shape up makes Khloe act like she is over him."

BABY POOP: DAVID ARQUETTE and his girlfriend Christina McLarty are expecting their first child together. The pair have been on and off since 2011, following his split with COURTENEY COX, whom he has a nine-year-old daughter with.

WATCH SNOOKI'S FUNNY VID: SNOOKI posted humorous video in which she pretended her trainer's massive arms were hers.

LADY GAGA EXPLAINS WHY SHE WEARS CRAZY COSTUMES: It turns out LADY GAGA doesn't wear all those ridiculous costumes because she's biting CHER'S style. Apparently it's her way of keeping herself from losing her mind. In an interview on  a British talk show Gaga revealed that it's how she "deal(s) with my insanity" adding, "From when I was young I had voices in my head, and for the longest time I was drinking and doing a lot of drugs and it was the clothing and the artistry that saved me."

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