Just 24 hours after a source confirmed that Janet Jackson is pregnant and expecting her first child, the superstar has released the official music video for her increasingly relevantly-titled new single, "Dammn Baby." (Because, you know, she's having a baby!)

Previously teased via GIFs on her Instagram, the sleek black-and-white video features Jackson and her troupe of backup dancers shaking off the haters with some slick choreography. And while there's not much narrative to the clip, the stylish visuals — including a hazy scene in which the icon literally breaks it down in a room that seems filled with stars — are perfectly suited to the funky dance jam.

And for those naysayers bemoaning the fact that Jackson is — clutch your pearls! — expecting nearly at age 50? We'll leave you with this lyric from the diva herself: "And can't nobody tell you what you can't do / Shut that down automatic." Jam on, mama.

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