In early July, country star Jake Owen wound up in the hospital after a nasty go-kart accident. It's been almost two months since that happened, but in the interim, a finger he injured became infected -- and he had to have the tip amputated earlier this week.

(Warning: Incredibly disgusting photo below.)

The ring finger on his right hand began bleeding Sunday, and by Monday, doctors recommended having the tip surgically lopped off. Owen -- who was set to play a huge concert in Nashville that night -- wanted to delay the procedure until Tuesday, but apparently the situation was serious enough that it couldn't wait.

"They just went ahead and amputated the last half of it off,” he told WWGP before the show. “Kinda trying to pretend it doesn’t hurt right now, but it’s a little sensitive. Sensitive’s a good word.”

Rather amazingly, Owen went onstage anyway, and photos show his finger heavily bandaged (pretty sure everyone will forgive him for not playing the guitar that night). And earlier today, he tweeted out a photo that looks like something you'd see in a horror movie, writing, "I was 'advised' not to post this... Screw em."

Hey, don't say we didn't warn you.

Jake Owen amputated finger