Things are not only bigger in Texas, they're also weirder. Even the homes are a little out there and some of them are perfect for Halloween.

Texans are an independent bunch and they like to be different. A little "off the beaten path" if you will in just about every way possible.

We'll even take our most calm and serene comfort zones ... our homes ... and make 'em all kinds of crazy.

Some are just weird, a couple sum up Texas perfectly and the last two are perfect for Halloween.

First a "weird" one. Located in Houston, the beer can house was made with 50,000 beer cans donated by friends and neighbors. (Side note, the designers wife never allowed any beer cans inside the house.)

Beer can "house"? I could have built a full on beer can mansion by now. With a multi car garage, man cave, guest quarters and a dog house.

Next, a couple of homes that sum up Texas very well.

This one in Huntsville is designed as a cowboy boot 'cuz, why not?

It is Texas after all where residents are practically required by law to own at least one pair.

For a peek at the largest pair of boots in Texas, click here or check out the gallery below. To complete the ensemble, there's a house shaped like a cowboy hat next door.

Next, while vacationing in Germany, a couple from Burnet saw one too many castles. Once home, they built their own.

I hope they don't go to Egypt next ...

Now, let's get to our Halloween cribs.

Up first, a pair of uber "Munsters" fans in Waxahachie .. that is too the towns real name ...  built their own replica of the home from the famous tv series.

Rob Zombie could have saved a lot of money on his remake if he'd just filmed it here instead of building one in Budapest.

Finally, the "Bone House" in Huntsville. It's not actually made from bones but the furnishings and stairs and stuff are. Over 1,000 animal bones to be exact.

The owner says "the only difference between bone and ivory is that ivory is illegal and bone is free."

And people call me weird ...

For more crazy casa's in Tejas, click here or watch the video way up at the top.

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