In some parts of the country, and the world, these animals are not that uncommon. In El Paso though, outside of a zoo, finding them is highly unlikely.

El Paso is home to some really cool wildlife and sometimes, these critters decide to pay us a little visit. For animals native to the area, it's not really a big deal.

Wild animals tend to keep away from us, (can't say as I blame 'em), but they do come around here and there for a few reasons. Mostly seeking food, water or shelter. Still not a big deal ... as long as you see them first.

Animals native to the area, and most likely to stop by your place depending on where you live, come in several categories, Some are cute, (mule deer), some are annoying, (skunks) and some are dangerous. Rattlesnakes for example. (Though, apparently, they're also tasty.)

Some instances of the more wild, and very reclusive wildlife popping up in El Paso yards include foxes. We're not talking "hot chicks" here either ...

Mountain lions get curious around here too. This one was looking for a bath I guess since he decided to visit the legendary H & H Car Wash. Either that or a combo plate

His bro though, I think, was apartment hunting since he was spotted near the El Paso Zoo. Either that or he saw the zoo as an animal prison and was trying to bust out his compadres. That would explain why he avoided the cameras.

Weird animal sightings occur a lot around here but sometimes they're VERY weird. Spotting a herd of wild Oryx in the deserts of far northeast El Paso for instance. Really, it could happen.

This next one is the strangest El Paso wild animal encounter of them all though. An alligator (ish) reptile known as a caiman found in east 'Chuco.

How that 'lil guy got there is still a mystery as far as I know. My theory? I think he falls into, besides pools, the "escaped, exotic pet" category.

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