2023 was a tough year for Walmart, and while Texas was left almost unscathed, the question remains: will Walmart close any more Texas stores in 2024?

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While the retail giant is known for closing down stores across the country that fail to make profit, 2023 saw a big bump of stores closing down with 23 stores closing across thirteen states. 

While Texas only saw one store close down in the entire state; it still is alarming that this many stores closed down in the span of one year. The retail giant didn't give any further details as to why these stores were subject of closure beyond the stores underperforming, but maybe one other retail giant may give a bit of more insight as to why Walmart closed down so many stores.

Last year, Target closed down nine stores claiming theft and organized retail crime have made the environment unsafe for staff and customers – and unsustainable for business.

Target Corp. Reported A 4 percent increase in second-quarter profits
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A rise in crime at retail stores is resulting in not only store closures but in increased security which include other anti-theft tools like enclosing products that are more likely to be stolen. Which may have been an issue as well with Walmart. According to Aisle of Shame, these are the ten most commonly stolen items at Walmart; are shoplifters taking down Walmart's?

While we may see more closures, that won't stop Walmart from rebuilding- according to Business Insider, Walmart announced in January that it will build or remodel over 150 stores in the next five years, plus renovations for 650 locations this year- which most likely means everything at your favorite Walmart will be moved around!

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