It took about 30 years but the Foo Fighters finally made it to El Paso late last year. It was a helluva night, relive some of it here.

Dave Grohl formed Foo Fighters after the untimely passing of Kurt Cobain ended Nirvana. There's no telling how much further Nirvana may have gone but we know how things went for Dave and his Foo Fighters ... Amazingly.

The El Paso show was incredible and UTEP put together a mini-documentary of the day which you can watch below.

The October, 2023 concert began with a low fanfare entrance by the band. Dave Grohl first with his signature light blue Gibson, followed by the rest of the band. You can watch that part here but be careful ... NSFW language.

The hits just kept coming as Grohl and company pummeled El Paso with a setlist that included hits like Under You, All My Life, Best Of You and more including some from the "But Here We Are" album.

They also did one of my personal favorites, Times Like These. Watch it below if you're in a safe place ... the language, (as usual for Dave), is totally NSFW.

They even threw in snippets of other classic rockers like Enter Sandman, Blitzkrieg Bop and Whip It. It was a long, very well worth it, night.

Who knows when they'll visit the 915 again but it can't be soon enough for their fans here in the Borderland. A couple of weeks after their show, UTEP posted this mini documentary about the day.

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