Inviting a Texan to a fancy event will almost definitely mean that they will be busting out their best attire!


That means only their best cowboy hat and boots will do whether it be at a fancy wedding venue or a just a backyard celebration.

Somehow, cowboy fashion has been brought back into the mainstream; Beyoncé has a new country song out, Lana Del Rey announced she'd be releasing a country album; and while Taylor Swift may be a pop sensation, no one really has forgotten her country roots!

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While many people are rushing to buy a new Stetson, or getting some custom made boots; here in Texas, we coined the term "Texas formal" as an official dress code!

What is Texas Formal?

Texas Formal is a great way to dress fancy while showing some of your Texas roots. According to Southern Living, Texas Formal is:

For men, that means you can feel free to wear cowboy boots or bolo ties with suits. For women, you can even pull off heeled cowboy boots with a mid- or full-length dress when paired correctly.

Whenever I think of Texas Formal, I think of George Strait, or even Garth Brooks!

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And I cannot deny that, as a born and raised Texan, I am a full-on lover of boots- so you will most definitely catch me wearing a dress with some heeled cowboy boots- I have several for different occasions of course!

Texas Formal Dress Code
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Texas formal is a great way for us to dress up and have a great night out. I do love when we have our family events and I see mostly everyone is Texas formal attire. So now that it's becoming a bit mainstream, I'm hoping to see more of it everywhere!

So take out those nice cowboy boots and hats- and remember the rules to wearing cowboy hats!