After a COVID induced hiatus sidelined the event for a few years, the Rockabilly Riot returns to El Paso Saturday, bigger and better than ever.

Saturday, the legendary Rockabilly Riot makes its triumphant return under the Spaghetti Bowl at Lincoln, (aka "Chicano)", Park in Central El Paso. (4001 Durazno)

Down but certainly not out, Saturday, iiiiiiiiit's baaaaaaack ...

People have been clamoring for the Rockabilly Riots return all the while and this year is, (thankfully and finally), the year it comes back to us.

For 9 years, (not all in a row), the Rockabilly Riot has been a bit of a time machine for El Paso and the Borderland in general.

Merging modern musicians, vehicles, customizers, stylists, etc and their talents with the spirit of the culture that inspired them to begin with. The 50's meet the 2,000's Saturday.

The nostalgia, with regard to the Rockabilly genre and El Paso's unique and vibrant Chicano heritage, will greet you like a warm, fiery kiss. For FREE.

Yep, it's a free event that will allow you to wade through a sea of classic and restored cars, rat rods, motorcycles, bicycles and more; surrounded by the awesome murals of Lincoln Park and the history the area is steeped in.

Note: Registration for pre-80's vehicles can be done in advance and/or right up to start time, from 6a-11a Saturday.

Live music??  Aw, hellz yeah:

3 Bad Jacks, Reno Divorce, The Rocketz and Flametrick Subs, along with local bands Fixed Idea, Sorry About Your Sister and Sinbuenos will perform. Other events including a 50's pinup girl contest, will take place and admission is FREE.

There will also be plenty of food, drinks, vendors and more. Truly, the only "riot" anyone ever missed having, let alone looked forward to attending.

This year, coincidentally, the Rockabilly Riot falls on Veterans Day and a well deserved tribute to all Veterans, local or otherwise, is planned as part of the event.

God Bless, while we thank, them; one and all.

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