We love the military in Texas; we have over 15 different military bases in the entire state serving the Army, Air Force, the National Guard, etc. But how many military veterans live in Texas? Millions...literally. Out of the whole 50 states, we have one of the highest military populations in the entire nation.


How many veterans live in Texas?

Wisevoter's website published a map showing just how many military veterans live in the United States; which is 16.2 million based on 2022 numbers. Texas currently has over 1.4 million veterans living in the entire state; 1,435,527 to be precise. Amongst the entire nation, Texas ranks number 2; just barely beating out Florida who has 1,416,472. The only state to beat us is California; who has a population of 1,525,746.

Texas also ranks in the top 3 of having the most Korean War veterans (83,667) & Vietnam War veterans (461,679); Texas ranks #3 for both of those statistics. I know one of them was dear ol' grandfather, who served during both wars...

Which Texas counties have the most veterans?

The 10 most populous counties of veterans, according to Gov.Texas, include:

  • Harris,
  • Bexar,
  • Tarrant,
  • Dallas,
  • Bell,
  • El Paso,
  • Travis,
  • Denton,
  • Collin,
  • and Williamson

Why do veterans like living in Texas?

One big reason military veterans love living in Texas are the special programs people can sign up for in terms of going to school or moving into a new house, the number of hospitals in Texas & there's no state income tax.

But regardless on how many veterans live in Texas, or in the United States, one thing rings true: if you have served in the military, regardless of the branch you served in...

Old and worn military dog tags - Thank You

Thank you for your service.

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