We know many talented people were born in the Lone Star State; from music to athletics to acting. so many people have represented Texas. In a recent, it turns out that Texas has SO many talented people in the country, we rank amongst the top states of talent born in the United States. Meaning that out of the entire country, we beat 47 other states in terms of how many famous people were born here.

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Where does Texas rank in born U.S. talent?

Ticket Source did a recent study on every U.S. & gathered the numbers of just how many actors/actresses, athletes, musicians/singers & comedians were born in each state. Not surprisingly the top 2 states were California & New York with over 12,000 & 11,000 stars born in their respective states.

Texas ranks right at #3; with a total of 8,299 stars born throughout the entire state. According to Ticket Source, over 1,300 actors , 1,100 musicians, 57 comedians (which I swear we have WAY more than that) & nearly 5,800 athletes all are Texas born talent. Texas also ranks amongst the top when having the most streets named after athletes in the entire country.

The rest of the top 10 include:

  • Pennsylvania at #4 with 6,474 stars
  • Illinois at #5 with 5,720 stars
  • Ohio at #6 with 5,359 stars
  • Florida at #7 with 4,701 (I was almost expecting them to be in the top 5 to be honest...)
  • Michigan at #8 with 4,001 
  • New Jersey at #9 with 3,854 stars
  • and Massachusetts rounding out the top 10 with 3,756 stars

As an added bonus, Texas also ranks #4 when having the most actors/actresses born in the United States; California, New York & Illinois all rank in the top 3.


While I'm not surprised that Texas has produced a lot of talent, I wasn't expecting to see that we had THIS much talent. And I'm sure in the following years, we'll easily hit over 10,000 stars born in Texas.

If you want to see some other celebrities born in Texas, you can find celebrities you never knew were born in El Paso & famous comedians born in Texas here.

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