If a black cat could work anywhere, where would it work? Of course, we know cats don't work, but if we had to take a guess, I would say that Hot Topic would be perfect for black cats! At least, that's how it happened to one particularly mischievous kitty in El Paso.

This is Soot Sprite, named after the pitch-black and fuzzy-haired beings straight out of a Studio Ghibli movie, and she's quite the character.

Soot Sprite is the resident cat at Sun City Kitty, El Paso's first and only cat café located inside Sunland Park Mall.

Sprite is there to help the other kitties get acquainted with the space and, most importantly, she's there to welcome everyone to the kitty café. But, recently, Sprite has been getting into some hijinks.

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It all started when the workers at Sun City Kitty discovered, to their horror, that Sprite could get out of the gate and wander about the mall on her own! One morning, they found her atop the Hot Topic sign.

Because of this incident, procedures had to be put in place to avoid a repeat of Sprite's jailbreak!

The employees of Sun City Kitty were concerned for her safety, but they also didn't want to restrict her of going on adventures, so- Sprite got her very own chauffer.

With her outgoing and can-do attitude, the employees of Hot Topic decided that Soot Sprite would make the purrfect sales associate, and in turn made her an honorary employee! Because, where else would a black cat work?

Sprite got her very own work badge, and while she won't be on the prowl anymore, she most certainly fits the Hot Topic aesthetic, where I'm sure she's welcome anytime! Good job, Soot Sprite!

You can find out more about Sun City Kitty, including how to apply to adopt, here.

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