I totally would have guessed it was El Paso county but nope, it wasn't us.

Texas didn't rank all that that high in the list of the heaviest drinking states with 19% of Texans reporting heavy drinking. The lowest score was 12% and the highest 26%.

One county in Texas beat out all the others with 24% of its residents qualifying as "heavy" drinkers, barely beating several others by only 1%.

First, here's how they determined what "heavy" drinking is and who is doing the most of it.

To determine the rates of excessive drinking per state, researchers used self-reported data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance system. For the 2023 report, the University of Wisconsin used data from 2020 — the first year of the COVID pandemic.

Excessive drinking encompasses both binge drinking (four or more drinks on one occasion for women, five or more for men) and heavy drinking (eight or more drinks a week for women, fifteen or more for men). - cw39.com

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So, where are all the boozers in Texas? Loving County, located about 177 miles from El Paso.

Loving's population is only 51 and there's pretty much nothing else to do there so, I'm surprised their guzzling percentage isn't closer to 100.

24% of the Loving folks are knocking 'em back regularly. Several other Texas counties came in at 23% though including Franklin, Hood, Borden, Kent, Armstrong, Carson, Roberts, and Hartley.

El Paso county came in at 17%.

Dona Ana county, (Anthony, Las Cruces and Chaparral among others), reported 15%.

See where all the other counties across the USA stand here.

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